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Cardiovascular Medicine

Cardiovascular medicine covers everything from abnormal heart rhythms to heart attacks. Learn about many of these important clinical entities. If there is a something you'd like us to write about shoot us an email.

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- Acute coronary syndromes and myocardial infarction - Myocardial ischemia is a debilitating and potentially life threatening condition that must be addressed quickly. Learn about what causes it and how it is managed.

- Aortic dissection - Aortic dissection occurs when a layer of the aorta is disrupted resulting in two possible pathways for blood flow. Learn about how they occur and how they are diagnosed and treated.

- Atherosclerosis - Atherosclerosis is the root cause of many vascular disorders including peripheral arterial disease, stroke, and heart attacks. Learn about what it is, what causes it, and how it is managed.

- Atrioventricular block - Atrioventricular block, sometimes referred to as heart block, is a common clinical entity. It is divided into different types based on its severity. Learn about these types and how they are managed.



- Cardiac output - Learn what controls cardiac output, or how much blood the heart pumps per minute, and why it can be devastating when cardiac output fails.

- Cardiomyopathies - The cardiomyopathies encompass three broad categories of heart abnormalities: restrictive, dilated, and hypertrophic. Learn about what causes each of them and the differences in clinical manifestation and treatment options.

- Carotid stenosis - narrowing of the internal carotid artery is a real drag bummer! Learn about the complications of atherosclerotic disease when it affects this vital blood vessel.



- Heart attack - Myocardial ischemia is a debilitating and potentially life threatening condition that must be addressed quickly. Learn about what causes it and how it is managed.

- Managing hemodynamic instability - Hemodynamically unstable patients can be scary! Read this article for a framework on how to deal with a common hospital problem.

- Hypertension, essential (high blood pressure) - Hypertension is a cause of significant morbidity. It has been dubbed the "silent killer" and for good reason. Learn about this common and potentially serious disorder.



- Pericardial effusions - A pericardial effusion occurs when some type of fluid accumulates around the heart. There are numerous causes and symptoms vary depending on the onset and severity of the effusion. Learn what causes them, how to diagnose it, and how to treat it here!



- Systemic vascular resistance - learn how the body controls the resistance and flow of blood around the body, and why vascular resistances are important in human diseases.



- Ventricular fibrillation - The grim reaper of heart rhythms, ventricular fibrillation refers to disorganized and highly chaotic electrical activity. Learn about its common causes, how it is diagnosed, and how to treat it before it puts your patients six feet under!